Project Description
Save PowerShell To SharePoint allows you to automatically save PowerShell commands and scripts to a versioned SharePoint document library to act as a script repository. Never worry about losing scripts or old versions again.

This project is currently in the beta stages. The current version is implemented as a module (with install and uninstall scripts) that allows the user to upload files to a SharePoint document library. The PowerShell console and Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) are both supported. When the user launches either PowerShell host they will be prompted for the document library location and NTLM credentials. The docucment library location is currently stored to the host specific profile for that user.

Current Functionality

  • Upload user selected files to SharePoint document library
  • Upload all open PowerShell ISE files to SharePoint document library
  • Restore user selected files from SharePoint document library
  • Prompt user for document library path and credentials to use for authentication
  • Save prompted document library path value to profile
  • Add PowerShell ISE menu add-ons with keyboard shortcuts
  • Install and Uninstall scripts

Future Functionality Planned or Currently in Development

  • Allow asynchronous upload/restore of files
  • Create background job to run the backup process on a schedule
  • Allow user to create SharePoint document library if doesn't exist
  • Save all user input to profile for future use (store credentials in secure manner)
  • Change profile saved input values (document library path, etc.)
  • Add support for multiple authentication providers
  • Display additional information (version number, uploade date, etc.) when restoring files
  • Allow restoring a specific version from document library

If you have any feedback or suggested features feel free to let me know in the discussions area. Thanks.

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